ITEM 922


Stabilizes the elbow joint and promotes blood circulation and the reabsorption of swellings and contusions.

A special knitting technique gives the fabric its anatomical shape to perfectly fit around your elbow.

Silicone cushions help reduce pressure off your elbow and provide compression to the soft tissue of the elbow joint.

Helps relieving pain, swelling and Edema during sports and everyday activity without restricting mobility.

Ligament insufficiency
For relief of pain in elbow joints caused by overextension, strain and fatigue
Joint contusion and swelling (for example in case of arthrosis or arthritis)
Pain or inflammation around the tendons and muscles
Relief from tennis-elbow condition.

Fits left and right arm.

For external use only.

Use the product for the mentioned indication only.

Do not use the product if you are allergic to one of its ingredients.