T332 ANKLE SPORT BRACEFits right or left legThis functional ankle brace limits inversion and aversion butallows for full flexion, normalwalking and sports activity due toits special design.
With two anatomically designed plastic stays for lateral &medial support, leaving the malleoli uncovered to preventpressure.
The Velcro strap allows for adjustability and a perfect fit.
Ideal for sports activities as a preventativemeasure for ankle/lower leg injuries.
Suitable for the treatmentof ankle sprains, strains,inflammation, arthritis, ankle sensitivity, and ankle instability.
Caution:For external use only.
Use the product for the mentioned indication only.
Do not use the product if you are allergic to one of its ingredients.
Material Composition: Inlining: 100% Cotton,Intermediate: 100% Polychloroprene, Outside: 100% Nylon.