Mediven Plus

mediven plus has established itself as a reliable choice for numerous indications over a period of more than 40 years, and it just got better
 mediven plus with its additional plus points and reliability it will ensure that your patients continue to enjoy a good quality of life. mediven plus is suitable for a wide range of activities so users can have their unique ‘plus moments’; put your trust in the best mediven plus of all times! Plus points for reliability.
The plus-heel with its Y-shape provides for easy donning, a secure fit and a free feeling in the instep area - all day long.
The optimized toe section allows an accurate fit and excellent wear resistance.
The ribbed sole reinforcement ensures reliable durability.
The 5 cm wide cuff on the knee high socks ensures maximum comfort and a secure hold. now even more reliable.
Reliable fit with the new plus-heel, perfectly fitting toe section and broader cuff
Maxi panty top as standard
Four topbands for individual needs (normal and wide): topband basic as standard and topband platinum, topband sensitive or topband extra as special version
Dermatologically tested* and proven to be comfortable even for those who are prone to allergic reactions or have sensitive skin . Variants
Knee high socks AD normal or short
Thigh-length stocking AG normal or short
Thigh-length stocking with waist attachment normal or short
Pantyhose AT normal or short
Pantyhose with maxi panty top normal or short
Maternity pantyhose AT/U normal or short
Men’s leotard with open fly AT/H normal or short
One legged panty ATE normal or short