Mediven Comfort

The cuddly side of compression. For a feeling of complete well-being for your customers.
Characteristics:* Heavenly soft and comfortable material for easy donning and doffing
*Contains lanolin for effective skin care
*Optimal wearing comfort and high breathability
*Supple, elastic and hard-wearing comfort gusset for an optimum fit
*Comfort panty top for a perfect silhouette
*Double-knit comfort sole for a very comfortable feeling when walking
*Four attractive topbands for a secure hold and high wearing comfort (Napped topband as a standard variant Explanation of the compression classes:

CCL 1 Compression in mmHG 18.0 - 21.0
Compression in kPa 2.40 - 2.80
CCL 2 Compression in mmHG 23.0 - 32.0
Compression in kPa 3.10 - 4.30