Mediven Elegance

The secret is the patented elastic knitting yarn. It ensures a lower sense of pressure whilst the stocking hugs your legs like a second skin
Sparkling silhouette.
Fashionable elegance, highly effective. A compression garment with the sheer stocking look, the very latest choice of colours and exclusive designs with crystals from Swarovski®*.
Attractive topband motifs for thigh-length stockings (topband platinum, topband sensitive, topband extra, topband basic). Gentle on the skin.
Particularly skin-friendly as proved by a dermatological test. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Innovative medi hybrid knit and material technology for the first ever
soft and sheer combination and also easy donning and doffing.Flattering fit.
Soft Elastic for more freedom for the toes and more comfort in the forefoot area.
Smaller heel for a wrinkle-free fit. Inconspicuous in shoes and particularly hard-wearing with a double heel reinforcement.
Particularly wide and soft cuff on the below-knee stocking for a perfect hold and pleasant wearing comfort. Variants
Knee-length stocking
AD normal or AD short
Thigh-length stocking
AG normal or AG short
AT normal or AT short
Maternity pantyhose
AT/U normal or AT/U short