Dr. Scheffler

Calcium 1000 mg & Vitamin D3

Composition: A bag contains 1000 mg calcium (equivalent to 50.0 mval) and 5 microg vitamin D3 (200 IU properly). Also, citric acid, calcium carbonate, oligofructose, trisodium citrate, aroma, starch, aspartame, acesulfame-K, riboflavin, vitamin D3. It contains a source of phenylalanine.Indications: Calcium is a mineral vital. He is particularly necessary for bones and teeth structure. Vitamin D3 is essential for calcium absorption. Calcium is also an indispensable component part of all tissues and organs. Thus, for example, the complex process of blood coagulation can occur in the absence of calcium. In case of an insufficient intake of calcium, the body use reserves from the bones. Especially in adults can start this process early and often can go unnoticed. The result is a decrease in the amount of calcium in the skeleton. Calcium deficiency may be due to food. According to the German Society for Nutrition, the calcium requirement of adults is 800-1000 mg per day. Teenagers and pregnant women require up to 1,200 mg daily. Requirement is 5 microg vitamin D3, 200 IU properly. In order to have enough calcium and vitamin D3 daily is recommended quantities needed. Directions: one sachet per day. Place the sachet contents into a glass, add 200 ml of water, mix well and drink immediately.