Dr. Scheffler

ADDITIVA Superform

ADDITIVA Superform : is a valuable basis for dietary supplements of vitamins, mineral substances and micronutrients. These important nutrients are essential to support the operational running of the human body such as: Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, and other ingredients we need every day.It is necessary to supply the daily adequate nutrients, to replace non- dietary ingredients.
In most cases, several of these important nutrients are affected because of an increased demand of the body, therefore, there are decreasing in nutrient supply.In the question of nutrient balance, it affect mainly children, young people, old people , and who take medication regularly, Athletes, hard workers….etc. Who take unbalanced food and who do diet to lose weight.
To meet the daily stress or environment, the body need an increased amount of nutrients to stay fit and tough.In general, the guiding principle according to an unbalanced food intake which makes it difficult to the body, it is essential to have vitamins, minerals and trace elements to survive.ADDITIVA Superform contains carefully balanced vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Even with one tablet daily will provide you won your body.