Description: This Sternum belt fits around the upper rib cage and provides compression and immobilization for the upper chest area and thoracic spine.
Intended use: Ideal for support and minimizing movement following rib and sternum fractures. Supports soft tissues contusions of the upper chest, Sterno-costal joint inflammation. A unique hand grip allows for maximum tightening when deep breathing during physiotherapy to allow for mobilizing secretions from the lungs
Fitting Instruction: The belt should be placed comfortably around the ribcage just below the armpits or over the site of injury or fracture. First, adjust the belt by adjusting the Velcro straps according to the desired support needed. Now apply the shoulder straps to stabilize the belt at the required level. During physiotherapy treatments, grasp the strap with your right hand while releasing the front Velcro straps. Then pull firmly to the right and reapply the front Velcro straps, thereby tightening the strap temporarily. Following treatment, you can readjust the Velcro straps to the previous position.