ITEM 322


Anatomical Silicone Ankle Support with two contoured silicone cushions,stabilizes the ankle, promotes circulation, helps relieve pain and swelling during sports and everyday activity without restricting mobility.

The silicone cushions provides compression to the soft tissue of the ankle, leading to increased circulation and reducing swelling and edema.

Silicone Ankle Support also increases blood flow and transportation of oxygen to soft tissue injuries to support and promote faster recovery from injury.

• Post-operative and post-traumatic irritation
• Ligament instability
• Feeling of instability
• Joint swelling (In case of arthrosis or arthritis)
• Pain or inflammation around the tendons and muscles
(tendomyopathy, distortions, arthrosis, achillodynia)
• After removal of plaster-cast
• Relief of pressure at ankle ending

322L fits left ankle
322R fits right ankle

• Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Color: Silver-grey